“Establish in 1993, The Mr. America Pageant (in conjunction with the Rundu Fantasy Express Tour) is the world’s largest running international male model contest.  Organized around outdoor activities, thrilling events, public presentations, talent fun routines and a chance to impress “the ladies,” we are searching for the best male models from  your city or country.


“Since it began in 1993,  the Mr. America Pageant has been judged by an all-woman panel who represented all walks of life and business.  Their goals were to find the best qualities, look and character of our male models.  In 2001, the rules were changed to add male judges to the panel so that our contest winner was chosen from the voices of a diverse and talented panel of men and women.  This panel will combine all of the pre-requisites needed in choosing the next  top best male model for Mr. America Pageant.


Ask yourself these questions….




If YES to the following question, then you are the person we are seeking as


MR. BENTLY’S PROMOTIONS will pay you top cash and salary if you are selected in our International Manhunt competition as part of our National Tour.


This is open for “MEN ONLY”. If you are chosen, you have the opportunity to travel with a possibility to become a part of a major city concert tour.




  1. Find out where and when the tour will be coming to your area to participate.
  2. Sign up with any diva organizations, social clubs, female bikers clubs, sororities, and any fundraising organizations.
  3. Sign up now and  pay  the registration fees



  • He has to be between 18 to 60 years and can be of any marital status.
  • He has to be at least 150 pounds and has a good male model physique.
  • He should have a photogenic face for modeling assignments.
  • He should be a good ambassador for his city.
  • He should desire to be famous, be a good role model, and a good leader.
  • He should be able to communicate in English.

DURING THE CONTEST, we will look for the following:


  • CATWALK AND RUNWAY SKILLS: where you will display your ability presenting a professional and unique style in various clothing, stage presence, and self-confidence.
  • PHOTOGENIC ABILITY: where you present yourself in front of skilled photographers and pose for cameras and display agile, versatility, and comfort ability. They should be able to project their personality in front of the cameras for magazines’ fashion pages and press advertisements.
  • PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES: in which you should project a healthy lifestyle, youthfulness, and vitality. You should have a well-proportioned, lean, and well-toned body.
  • TALENT: Have that extra “what it takes” to set you above the rest. Can you dance, sing, or portray any talent that will wow the crowd? This is your time to shine.

MR. BENTLY’S PROMOTIONS would like to invite YOU to the come and compete for over $100,000 in cash. Each contestant will have 12 minutes to give the audience their best I mean, your best performance.


MR. BENTLY’S PROMOTIONS will mimic the opening styles of major music award shows such as the Grammys by featuring an explosive opening dance routine that will introduce the competitions participants, the celebrity judges, and musical artists that will also perform their latest hits live.


If you are interested, please email your interest so that we can get an application with rules and regulations via internet out to you immediately. This show is going to be the most explosive competition yet!! Spots are limited, so solidify your spot today!


For an application packet or more information, please contact GREGORY at
601-278-1253 or at If you receive an answering machine, please leave your name, your chapter’s name, address, contact number and email address and someone will either contact you .


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2. Enter all information requested of you
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