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Social Clubs/Organizations/Business Groups


Ladies, how can your social clubs, organizations, and business groups be apart of the tour?

Rundu Fantasy Express Tour & Mr. America Pageant has been in the entertainment industry for 15 years and we promise you one thing – partner with us for your next show AND KEEP 100% OF THE PROFITS.  Our promotions team has put together a package that will guarantee you more members, more awareness and more money as we take your next event to the next level.  No matter whether its an intimate crowd of 50 or an auditorium full of thousands, our commitment to you is: “give us 10% of your interest and we will give you back 110% of our enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise.”


`What else can we expect from the Rundu Fantasy Express tour?


1) How about every show on the Rundu Fantasy Express tour streamed “live” on the internet?  No other male fashion review show will have its entire tour showcased on the Internet for all to see in our “VIP Membership and All Access” website.

2)  How about every show will be professionally videotaped and made available on DVD for you to purchased?  What if we said, you could walk away with a professionally made DVD the very night of your show?

3)  How about red carpet interviews, behind the scenes footage of your favorite models and other “tasty” video nuggets courtesy of our video on demand gallery available in our “VIP Membership and All Access” website.

4)  What if you could vote for your favorite all male models in our Photo Rundu Fantasy Contest?  America’s next hot model could be a click away with your vote.


“Interested in making 100% profit for your group while increasing your

group’s exposure?”


The Rundu Fantasy Express Tour and Mr. America Pageant has been in the entertainment industry for 15 years.  Ladies, our promotions team has put together an event package that will allow your organization or group to partner with Rundu Fantasy Express Tour to have an upscale, chic and exciting event that will lead to “sold out” crowds.  Travelling worldwide and entertaining thousands of women, we can:


  • Help build the brand name and image of your social or diva group, organization or business group;
  • Help increase your membership within your chapter or organization;
  • Help you create an annual event with a way to capitalize and make money through male   auctions, raffle ticket giveaways, charity fundraisers, memorabilia and more;
  • Build your presence in your local community through scholarship programs or other gift giving endeavors;
  • AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, we have a program that will help you earn 100% of the profits straight back to your organization.


“How do we benefit from partnering with Rundu Fantasy Express Tour”


We understand that you are always looking for creative ways to raise capital.  We have put together a package that will bring excitement and added entertainment to your local show or event.  Not only will we bring our own entertainment to augment your show, the men you select to be in your event and the winners of that event will be apart of our national “Men of Rundu” contest.  This puts your event on the national stage, with national exposure guaranteeing you an “annual gala” that will bring your organization money year after year.


Don’t know where to begin…don’t worry.  Our promotions team is experience in helping you select the right venue, helping you put out a casting call and providing you with all of the information needed to plan out your every need for the show.  Our track record proves that we have sold out shows across the nation and we have what it takes to fulfill all of your entertainment needs.


“How much does it cost, how do I get started”


We have a one-time booking fee to place your organization on our touring schedule.  No hidden fees, no extra charges – just a one-time booking fee.  A deposit and signed contract is required to reserve your tour date and we can even arrange installment plans for your booking fee.  YOU WILL BE AMAZED HOW FAST YOU WILL get your investment back.  Remember, you keep 100% of the profits for 100% of your efforts.


Request our marketing guide that will provide you with the cost, explain our program and point out how Rundu Fantasy Express Tour will work with your organization to deliver your best event yet.  CLICK HERE FOR THE DOWNLOADABLE MARKETING GUIDE.  After you have read the guide, please go to our “Contact Page” fill in your information. e will get your initial event information, prepare a contract for you to review and approve and start the process of taking your event to the next level.  Remember tour dates fill up fast and and we are travelling to all 50 states, so you get your date reserved now and experience the fun of the Rundu Fantasy Express Tour.